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About LWS

have dedicated my entire adult life to helping others. As a result of two decades of experience, I have developed Life Work Strategies. Its purpose is to:
ombine scientific fact with the wisdom of experience to teach people the strategic skills they need to live, love and work successfully and happily."
- Dr. Vanessa Gourdine

Life Work Strategies, LLC is an innovative team of professionals who apply the art and science of psychology to compel transformation and help you to achieve your highest potential. Utilizing a proprietary coaching model developed by LWS founder Dr. Vanessa Gourdine, companies and individuals alike are achieving the pinnacle of success in many areas of their lives.

The Strategic Coaching Method is based on a unique relationship between the LWS coach, who is trained in specific approaches and interventions, and you the client, whose motivation is to compel life change as defined by your own personal goals and vision. LWS coaching utilizes approaches and interventions based in psychological theory, and a proprietary strategic model that is designed for efficient, effective and lasting change. Our team of coaches is uniquely trained to identify and utilize your strengths, talents and skills as leverage to help them achieve your goals.

Life Work Strategies will…

  • Identify underlying patterns that lead to success or failure
  • Teach skills that lead to success in your personal relationships and at work
  • Identify the best processes to practice in any aspect of your life or work
  • Learn proven strategies to problem solve and ultimately live a more fulfilling life

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