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“If it were not for the coaching I received, my business would not have survived.” - Rich T.

“LWS provided me with new knowledge and skills for my leadership style. As a result I have learned to deal with people differently and to achieve improved performance and a more cohesive team.” – Joe T.

“Many thanks for focusing my mind on the “business” of practicing law.” – Local Attorney

“Your business and executive coaching helped me to identify important processes and to build an infrastructure that allowed me to capture important data to grow my private practice.” – SF

Entrepreneurship & Executive Skills

Entrepreneurs Program
Ambitious Entrepreneurs: Get started!

Your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur is rife with challenges. Two-thirds of all small business start-ups never turn a profit or fail within… MORE

Professional Practice Development
Let’s practice business. Get started!

You may be a leader in your field, but how well can you run your business? Your impeccable reputation does not guarantee business success. Private practices… MORE

Leadership Development
Become the leader that everyone loves to follow! Get started!

Poor leadership is costly. It results in a lower quality of work being produced, slow or inaccurate work, staff with low morale and who are less… MORE

Productivity and Performance
Get the most from your workforce and increase your revenue. Get started!

With many businesses struggling to stay in business and avoid layoffs, productivity and performance cannot be taken lightly. Diminished profits and lost… MORE

Resilience Program
Learn and practice the skill sets you need to stay afloat. Get started!

Can you roll with the punches or do you crawl under your desk and hide? Potential layoffs, major changes in project scope, piles of work… MORE

Team Building
Become an effective team leader! Get started!

Businesses are built or destroyed based on the internal workings of an organization’s teams. Are your teams highly effective, productive and profit-centered… MORE

Gain heightened awareness and focus by adding Mindfulness to any LWS program. Learn more!

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