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Our Typical Clients

We work with individuals like you who are motivated and aspire to be your best. If you have everything you want out of life, stop reading now. If not, do you sometimes ask yourself what do successful people know that I don't? Well the answer is: the core competencies or strategies for success. At LWS, we have defined the core competencies and strategies and now we want to teach them to you. Our goal-oriented clients, paired with our skilled life and work coaches, make for an unstoppable team in achieving success with strategic goals.

Life Work Strategies also has an impressive list of executives and fortune 500 clients including Sony, Dow Jones, Colgate Palmolive and AT&T, to name a few. Although these are large, well-known companies, we have also served small and medium sized firms who seek to assist their staff and executives in achieving career success. We work with individuals as well as teens and children. The earlier you start to learn the core competencies the better.

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