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Coaching Areas

Career and Personal Finances

Knowing what your future holds and achieving the stability necessary to live a comfortable and stress-free life can make all the difference in how the rest of your life falls into place. With numerous programs focusing on choosing an appropriate career path, job interview skills, negotiations, leadership styles and leadership skills, as well as our Money Management program, we’ll address the topics and define behaviors for you to reach your career and financial goals.

Entrepreneurship and Executive Skills

The workplace can be very competitive and without the knowledge and motivation to stay ahead of the game, your career or business could be in jeopardy. At Life Work Strategies, we give you the tools you need to climb the ladder to success, whether it’s your own entrepreneur business or if you’re an executive looking to strengthen your career. We’ll examine the styles and skill sets necessary to become a successful leader as well as delineate action steps for entrepreneurs to follow in order to reach the success they desire.

Performance Coaching

Academia has proven to be a major stress factor in most young adults’ lives. Whether it is acquiring the necessary skills to improve your learning capability or adjusting to a new school environment, our coaches will give you that extra push to get you on your feet.

Life Coaching

Improving mind and body health can drastically improve the way that people live their lives. Many people come to us for help with losing weight; breaking bad habits such as smoking; improving mental and emotional wellness; successfully managing their disease and health problems; and many other issues. With targeted programs such as Weight Loss and Wellness or our Integrated Health Program, we utilize the social learning process to promote healthy behavioral change so that you can start living a happier and healthier life.

Personal and Family Relationships

The fundamental step to achieving any success lies in your relationships and family life. Our skilled coaches help you to nurture and strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones. Through programs such as Singles Seeking Relationships, Relationship Enhancement, Parenting Seminars and Social Skills Groups, you will acquire skills for successful social interaction, conversation and recognizing family stresses.

Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness is a heightened awareness that allows one to harness their attention and energy. Mindful individuals learn how to slow or even stop the unseen drives and motivations that constantly keep us busy and over stimulated. Mindfulness can be used as an adjunct to all programs offered at LWS, but more importantly as an adjunct to your life when learned and practiced on its own.

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