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Academic Excellence

“You provided the tools that I needed to work through my fears and complete the work. I am happy to say that I have finished all four courses and I have earned my degree thanks to your qualified care.” – Deidra V.

“I would highly recommend the academic coaching program to anyone who wants to achieve academically, as well as overcome their anxiety and performance issues.” - Natalie

“Thanks to LWS my daughter got accepted into an Ivy League college and is doing really well.” – Mrs. J.

“If it were not for Dr. Gourdine, I don’t think I would have finished high school. I was so stressed out that I stopped going to school at one point. She gave me the courage to go back and succeed.” - Natalie

Some statistics say that one in four students will drop out of college; others say half of all students who enter college will drop out. Either way, these are troubling statistics for dropouts considering the following: The Census Bureau states that workers with bachelor’s degrees in 2008 earned about $26,000 more on average than workers with a high school diploma. College grads also seem more likely to get jobs with health insurance.

Preparing for and entering college can be daunting and stressful. You as an individual are completely responsible for your behaviors whether it be motivation, organization or study habits. Without the proper time and guidance to develop healthful behaviors, you or your child could easily fall into the large percentage of college dropouts.

The Academic Excellence program is created to reinforce and maintain positive academic behaviors with a life coaching approach. The program is tailored to the individual needs of students involved and can help prepare for transitions to middle school, high school, college and graduate school.

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