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Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness is a heightened awareness that allows one to harness their attention and energy. Mindfulness can be used as an adjunct to all programs offered at LWS, but more importantly as an adjunct to your life when learned and practiced on its own.

The experience of Mindfulness is finding its place in medicine, mental health, relationship enhancement and work productivity. Mindfulness is useful in solving problems, but also has inherent value. If you never learn fully to be in the moment, you will remain a sleepy captive to every anxiety, fantasy , automatic reaction or mindset you possess. Mindful individuals learn how to slow or even stop the unseen drives and motivations that constantly keep us busy and over stimulated—a cultural condition that is extracting a cost on our health, well being and fulfillment.

Mindfulness is defined as paying attention to experience with intention and without judgment. The LWS course: Living the Mindful Life: Strategies for Focus and Fulfillment will provide you with the skills and techniques to live a mindful life. Mindfulness will enhance any LWS workshop and improve your functioning in every area of your life.


    Directly improves the functioning of the mind and body;
    Helps to harness one’s attention for focus;
    Aids in the development of improved decision making and productivity;
    Delivers new options for dealing with physical pain, chronic unhappiness and fear;
    Provides increased vitality;
    Enhances creativity;
    Helps an individual to live a life in accord with what really matters.

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