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Integrated Health Program - For Adults

“I am no longer at risk for diabetes and my aches and pains have disappeared. I am so grateful for getting my life back.” – Stacey P.

All participants are given the following guarantee:
If you don't learn one action step that will influence or change your behavior in our workshop, we will give you two hours of individual coaching for free.

It’s projected that individual and family spending on premiums and out-of-pocket health care costs will jump 34 percent by 2015 and 79 percent by 2020. You can either resign yourself to devoting more of your disposable income to healthcare or you can take responsibility for your own health and well-being. Your payback for taking action now is saving money and feeling healthier.

The essence of our 10 session program is an ongoing, reciprocal evaluation and intervention for mind and body. It is a unique alliance of medical and psychological expertise that provides a holistic approach to wellness.

The underlying philosophy of the program is to help you identify “unhealthy” behaviors and then teach you the most effective techniques to change or eliminate them.

As a participant:

  • You will be able to define appropriate health promoting goals for yourself.
  • We will help you achieve these goals with specific behaviors and skill sets. (lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress, manage diabetes, etc.)
  • You will be given valuable motivational techniques and measurable criteria so you can track your progress.
  • You will receive one-on-one coaching that takes into account your personal medical needs and ability to make behavioral changes specific to your health.
  • You’ll come to understand mind-body integration, wellness concept and relaxation exercises and techniques.
  • You will learn disease resilience and gain an understanding of when disease requires treatment.

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