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Sports and the Arts

If you are an athlete you know the importance of delivering top level performance at every sport event. Mediocre delivery is never an acceptable outcome. As an athlete, performance demands can be stressful. Stress affects the mind. The mind-body connection is critical for top level performance.

At LWS, we are specialist in optimizing the performance by enhancing the connection between one's mindset and the performance of one's body.

There are critical components to optimizing performance: positive mindset, focus, confidence, overcoming limits, self image. In addition drive and motivation can be influenced by many factors. In the LWS program, you will learn what factors are influencing your motivation and how to improve and enhance your level of motivation which is highly influential on performance. Learn how to define perfect practice and the value of repetition. You will be able to identify barriers to performance and to overcome barriers.

If you are an artist, whether an entertainer, actor, singer or other type of performer in the arts, your performance must be stellar at all times. Having talent is never enough. It is the ability to harness, develop and deliver that talent or skill at all times.

At LWS, we utilize our strategic coaching method to help you master your performance and deliver when needed.

Gain heightened awareness and focus by adding Mindfulness to any LWS program. Learn more!

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